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My Top 5 Favorite Baby Things that You Need!

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I thought now would be a perfect time to give you my top 5 favorite things I bought for the baby. When I was pregnant, I was constantly reading articles about what we needed to make it easier once the baby arrived. For every one of those articles, I would read one that listed things we didn’t need to waste our money on. I was on Etsy just about all the time. If I wasn’t on Etsy, I was on Amazon or Target. Below are my absolute top 5 favorite things I found for Aiden. Three of these came from shops on Etsy, so make sure you check them out as well! I had the best experiences with these shops.  If you are struggling to find some unique and useful gifts to find for any upcoming baby showers or for Christmas, then keep reading!

Personalized Baby Blanket

I bought Aiden the coziest blanket from a store on Etsy called, Have Faith Boutique. I love being able to personalize things. This shop allows you to take things a step further than just adding a name. You can personalize your blanket with whatever colors you want on there! She will then send you a proof of what your blanket will look like so you can see it and make any changes you need. We bought the velveteen blanket and it is so soft!

I wish there was a way for you to feel how soft this is.
Here he is all snuggled up in the comfiest blanket.

It was a great blanket to use to bundle him up and for tummy time as well. He was born in February so we got so much use out of this and now with the weather getting cooler, guess which blanket I’ll be going back to? Go check her site out here to create your own! www.HaveFaithBoutique.com

Wubba-Nub Pacifiers

I did so much research on pacifiers and made sure to buy a wide variety of brands. His favorites were the Wubba-Nub ones. These are always a highly rated item and there is a reason for it.The stuffed animal kept them from falling off of him when he would spit the pacifier out. Not only were these the cutest things but he loved them.  These were about the only pacifiers he would use up until he quit taking a pacifier (at about 3 months old). We rotated between the fox and elephant one.

This picture melts my heart everytime. The fox wubba-nub was his favorite one.

You can find these anywhere from Target to Amazon. You can also buy larger sizes once the baby starts to outgrow the smaller sizes.

Fisher Price Rock’n’Play

Y’all. This was such a lifesaver. Aiden hated the swing. He would go in it for about 2 minutes before he would start crying. The Rock’n’Play though? He loved it from the very first time we put him in it. It was so easy to fold up and move around the house to whichever room we were in. It rocks back and forth slowly and you can choose to have soft classical music or nature sounds play. You can also pick the speed for how slow you want it to rock. There are also two settings on it to help with how long you want it to rock. It can rock for either 30 minutes or 6 hours (considered overnight).

Chilling in his rock’n play at just a few days old.

We used to select the 6 hour setting because if he was sleeping in it, then we could get things done around the house. Babies can stay in it up until they are able to roll over OR once they hit the weight limit. It was a sad day when he outgrew it. We for sure got our money’s worth out of it.

Personalized Baby Book

When I was searching for a baby book for Aiden, I kept feeling disappointed with what I found on Amazon. I also looked anytime we went out to see if I could find something that I just had to have for him. I kept searching Etsy as well but the ones I found were either not impressive for the price or the price was way more than I was willing to pay. Then I found PolkaDot Print Shop. From the moment I clicked on this store, I fell in love. There were so many options for covers and the page examples all looked amazing. Not to mention, I was able to personalize it with his full name.

You can have this personalized with the full name. I covered up the last name on this for privacy purposes.

I loved that this baby book gave an opportunity for you and your spouse to write the baby a letter before they arrive. I cannot wait to let Aiden read what we wrote him when he gets older. This store was fantastic to work with as she sends you a proof of what your cover will look like for you to approve it. You do have to respond back timely to correct any errors. Make sure to check this store out!


I love onesies with cute sayings. It is my favorite thing and I knew I wanted a really cute one for when Aiden was born. However, anytime I was at Target the ones I kept seeing were either out of the small sizes or they just didn’t have anything that I liked. I found it at a store on Etsy called GarciaFamilyDesigns. Not only is the selection wonderful but the quality is amazing for the price. I dressed Aiden in this as much as I possibly could.

I couldn’t find a better picture of him in his onesie but this said Ladies I have arrived.

Make sure you check this store out if you need some really cute onesies for a great price! They have an incredible selection and I had the onesie in my mailbox in record time as well.

What were some things you bought for your little ones that were your favorites? Make sure to let me know in the comments below.

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13 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Baby Things that You Need!

    1. I know, I did buy some other things I found on other lists in a delusional state that he would just love it because it was for babies and it didn’t take me long to figure out that he did not like everything.

  1. Oh that Rock and Play was a total LIFESAVER with my youngest. Neither of my kiddos liked those pacifiers though. My oldest would only use Gumdrop and my youngest hated those and would only use Nuk! Oh, and that blanket!? Adorable!

  2. My daughter loved her Rock and Play! I was so glad that my mother-in-law got us one because I never would’ve thought about one otherwise! His blanket looks so soft too. You can’t beat a nice, soft blanket like that in the winter. Having his name on it will make it a special keepsake!

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