Maximizing Christmas Decorations in a Small Kitchen

I love decorating for Christmas. It is so much fun to get special decorations out once a year to transform your house into a magical winter wonderland. We transform our house from top to bottom every year. We set up a Christmas village that goes throughout the entire living room and foyer. We have a beautiful Christmas tree that we set up along with stockings hung on the mantle.

Outside we outline our roof with Christmas lights and have recently added the projection lights as well. Christmas towels are hung up in the bathrooms, as well as setting out Christmas scented soaps. The only room in our house that I have never really focused on until a few years ago was our kitchen. Our kitchen is not a huge kitchen. I like to think of it as a more intimate kitchen. This means that I don’t have a ton of cabinet or countertop space. I have some really nice tabletop decorations I use on the table. It always seemed like something was missing though.

I have learned over the years some of the best ways to decorate a small kitchen to help add more Christmas cheer vs Christmas clutter. If you have a small kitchen as well, here are some tips you can use:

Think Simple

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There is an old saying that I’ve grown up hearing of a little dab will do you. This applies when decorating a small kitchen. You don’t have to drape the entire kitchen in garland. Instead, utilize the countertop space you have. Clear off any bulky appliances. Put away anything on the countertop. This gives your kitchen a cleaner look. Get a simple Christmas cookie jar to set out along with a simple Christmas candy bowl. This keeps your countertops clean and adds to the rest of your house with Christmas decorations.

Use Greenery

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A simple green topiary can go a really long way. You can usually find these at your local hardware store or craft store. By adding one during Christmas, it adds some green to your kitchen to add that festive feel. This can be set out by your kitchen sink or on the window, if you have one, above your sink.

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Another idea to use greenery is to have some garland hanging above the window above your sink. The more natural looking garland works best for something like this.

A tabletop Christmas tree that has been decorated with family ornaments can go a long way as well. Since the kitchen is the most intimate room of where you share your meals with your family. Having a tree can also help bring up discussion of favorite memories. For us, we collect ornaments on our vacations. Then when we decorate our tree, we love to reminisce about that particular vacation.

Use Decorations that Compliment your Kitchen Color

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Making sure to use colors that go with your kitchen go a really long way. If you have a darker colored kitchen, then use golds or burgundy. If your kitchen is a warmer brown or tan color, then use the traditional green and red colors. For white kitchens, you can use silver, red, and green. These colors pop in a white colored kitchen.

Use Your Countertops as the Focal Point

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The best part of decorating is you can do what works best for your house. You can either do a lot in your kitchen or a little. The one thing that sets the tone for your entire kitchen though is the countertops. Utilize this to your advantage. The first thing everyone notices are your countertops. Find one or two really pretty decorative items and have them on your counter. You would be amazed on how well this looks! My favorite countertops are from Premier Surfaces. They offer such a variety of various ideas to give your kitchen the perfect finished look. The staff is friendly, available to help whenever you have questions and able to install when you need them. At Premier Surfaces, they have 4 different locations in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia and leave you feeling happy with your decision to use their products.

The main thing with a small kitchen is to keep it clean and the decorations simple. Having too much can make your kitchen feel too crowded and overwhelming. Plus if you have kids, then you do not want to have things on your counter that are breakable. Whatever you decide to do, I can assure you that your kids will grow up remembering how magical it all was.

What are some things you always set out on your countertop during Christmas?

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  1. I’ll be using the term “intimate kitchen” from now on! I love the idea of putting garland over the window. In the summer I’ll put fake sunflowers, but have never thought to decorate the kitchen for Christmas. I’ll have to go buys some.

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