Kid Things! My Experience and Why You Need to Use It


I love shopping for clothes. It is one of my favorite things to do. I have done Stitch Fix in the past and loved it. When my step-kids were younger, I loved shopping for them. There is something so much fun about shopping for kids. I haven’t figured out exactly what it is about shopping for kids and babies that make it fun, but it just is. What I do not like about shopping for kids, is having to get out at the mall. I am a social person, however, as most mama’s know or remember, it is so much work with a little one(s) in tow. You are just hoping they do not have a meltdown while you are looking for clothes for them. Or, what is usually the case for me, is they do not want to sit in the shopping cart, have a complete and total meltdown to where all you want to do is just melt into the floor. You usually then purchase whatever items you have in the cart and run back out to the car. Which is also no small feat. You are usually juggling multiple bags, babies, and kids.

What if I told you that there is a service you can use that is completely FREE and you can shop for clothes for your little ones? I was so excited to find out about this company. It’s called Kid Things! I heard about through a Facebook group that I am in. I thought that’s interesting but they probably offer things that are way out of my budget. I still clicked on their site to learn a little bit more about it. The more I read about it and then when I actually tried it the more I fell in love with it. Keep reading to see why using this company will save you loads of time this upcoming holiday season!

Giving Back

They believe in giving back which is one of my favorite things about a company. I think that in the world today it is easy to find a way to give back and Kid Things does that. For every $100 you spend, they will send a donation to Educare which helps with early childhood education. I know I can easily spend $100 at the store on clothes for Aiden. I love knowing that I can buy the outfits he needs and also invest in others lives.

Easy and Fun

You simply text with a shopping assistant. You sign up for their services by giving them your cell phone number so they can text you. You will also provide the gender, size, and style type for each child you are shopping for. You are then sent pictures back of different styles and can decide what you like and what you don’t like.It seriously does not get any easier than that. Not only are you having fun picking super cute clothes from brands you already know and love, but, you are doing it without having to schedule time in to get another errand marked off your list. That leaves you so much more time to spend with your little ones!

My Experience

I love preppy style clothes for Aiden. It is the cutest to put him in sweaters, plaids, and nautical type clothes. Once I entered my information, I received a text message a few minutes later letting me know that the shopping assistant would send me some outfit options. Within a matter of 10 minutes, I had so many options of outfit pieces to choose from. Majority of the options were from Gap and the prices were exactly what I was looking for. I texted back which ones I liked the best. The shopping assistant then asked if I wanted a few more options or if I wanted to add my favorites to the cart. This was all happening while my 8-month-old was up and playing, eating, and needing a diaper change. I did not have my cell phone right beside me the whole time and was able to respond when I could. This is how easy their service actually is. I asked to see a few more options and was provided another wonderful selection of outfits. Honestly, I had a hard time deciding. The longest part was me deciding which pieces I wanted. Once I had decided, I just had to provide my shipping information and then a secure link was sent so I could pay for my order.

It took right at about a week for my order to come in and it was an even cuter outfit in person.

I would recommend this service and plan on using it again in the future. I loved everything about it from the ease of using it to just the company itself. I would really appreciate it if you checked it out using my link below.

*This is an affiliate link which means I might make a small commission if you choose to order something. This in no way affects your costs.

What are some things you love to shop for your littles to wear?

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33 thoughts on “Kid Things! My Experience and Why You Need to Use It

    1. Me too! I would have loved this service when I was working in an office. To be able to shop for my little guy during the day and then not have to worry about it would have been a lifesaver.

    1. You should check it out. It isn’t a subscription box like other services so there is no obligation to purchase anything or any fees associated with it.

  1. What a cool service! Going to look into it and recommend to my friends who have little ones too 🙂 thanks for the information!

  2. Oh My! This is a dream come true! People say online shopping is easy but I always struggle to operate my phone with my toddler around. He would snatch it away from me in no time. This I can do! Amazing!

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