Focusing On Connections in February

So, this post was originally up in January. I had great plans for this month with the blog. I blinked and then all of the sudden it was mid-January. I had not written or posted one thing that was for the month of January. Instead of allowing it to be a fail, I am just going to do this series in February instead. This year I am trying really, really, hard to be more flexible.  I have learned that even if things do not go according to plan, that it still turns out ok.

I love February for so many reasons. One is that it is the month my son was born AND it is also my birthday month. I also love Valentine’s Day. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. I have watched so many romantic chick-flicks over the course of my lifetime. I love them. The first Valentine’s Day I spent with my husband while we were dating, he blew it out of the water. He planned this romantic dinner at the house with food from our favorite restaurant. Roses, soft music playing in the background, a beautiful gift. It was every girl’s dream. Fast-forward to now. 8 years of marriage, 2 kids, and 1 infant. You already now that our romantic Valentine’s Day dinners are no longer. The baby’s birthday is actually Valentine’s Day! Between everything we have going on, it is easier to lose sight of each other. Which leads me to what the focus for the month of February is going to be.

February’s Focus

For this month, we are going to work on connecting. Connecting with our spouses, children, step-children, family, and friends. Even though we talk to most of our family on a daily basis, we still tend to lose a connection. We all know that being on our phones does not mean we are connected. I want you to know that I will be working on this right alongside all of you. Through the good and bad, we’ll help each other out.

You can connect with me on Instagram, Pinterest, or email! Make sure you sign-up for my email list so you will know when a new post comes out. Also, you can email me back! I will read every email and respond (as quickly as I can). I want to hear from you about how things are going for you as we work through these next few weeks.

Hang in there mama! You are doing a great job and have an entire tribe behind you cheering you on.




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