Easy Infant Halloween Craft

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Our neighborhood is always full of kids trick-or-treating, neighbors are usually set up out front with grills having cookouts, and there is just an air of excitement. We jokingly refer to it as a Disney Channel movie type of event. When the older kids were younger, I always tried to find a fun Halloween craft to do with them. Sometimes they enjoyed it and sometimes they didn’t.

This year though, I wanted to make something that was sentimental for the grandparents since this will be Aiden’s first Halloween. I searched Pinterest and found some really cute things. I kind of combined a few of the ones I found into one that worked for me and was frugal since I needed to make 4.

Here were the supplies I bought from Hobby Lobby and it only cost me $15. The paint was the most expensive but I used the 40% off coupon on it and can use it for future crafts.

-4 sheets of orange 8.5×11 cardstock

-Pack of googly eyes (I think the package said wiggly eyes)

-Washable finger paint in white (I bought a 6 pack set that had primary colors)

-Paint sponges

-Black paint pen (You could use a black sharpie if you have one at home)

-Scotch tape

Once you have all your supplies together, make sure you have someone to help you with this. It could be done by yourself but with a 7 month old I knew my husband was going to have to help.

  1. Tape down the paper to keep it steady while doing the footprints.
  2. Pour a little bit of paint onto a paper plate or wax paper.
  3. Have your helper hold the baby facing them with their feet easily accessible and put the paint on the bottom of the baby’s foot using the paint sponge.
    • Do one foot at a time to keep from getting paint everywhere.
  4. Firmly press the foot onto the paper. It is ok if it messes up a little because that adds to the cuteness of the project.
  5. Complete these steps again for the other foot.

After you have both footprints on the paper, go back and fill in the mail part of the footprint with some extra paint if you want. Allow it to dry for about 30 minutes. Once it has dried a little bit, you can go back with the paint marker and add a cute saying. I put “Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet! Happy Halloween.” Then use some craft glue or regular school glue to put the googly eyes on the feet to make them look like ghosts.

Allow it to dry all the way and then display or present it however you feel! You could always put it in a inexpensive frame and use a Halloween decorative ribbon to hang it up. Or instead of using cardstock, you could always buy a blank white canvas and paint it orange. Then add the ghosts and use a ribbon to hang it up with. The fun thing is you can style this to your taste and budget. Let me know if you make this and share your finished product!

Here is ours:

I forgot to take before and during pictures. However, I did grab a quick timelapse video of during so make sure to check my Instagram page at this_mommin_life if you want to see it.

What are some of your favorite Halloween things to make with your kids?


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